Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indian Giver

Dead Broke.

A week ago I was considering ANY means of earning an extra dollar, than I got a job.

 I finally got the house tidy and functional and then my husband volunteers me to watch a recently mobile infant; of course it has to be a neighbor, and the only neighbor who’s actually introduced themselves at that! Now my house looks like I’ve provoked the wrong kind of hurricane into my living room.

 It wasn’t even as if I could have said no though…I say my husband volunteered me but really the neighbors approached him with “Hi, since your wife doesn’t do anything during the day do you think we could just drop off the baby while we’re at work?” HELLO! That makes me sound like a drag… I’m SO occupied. With…. Laundry and dishes, and Dr. Phil, and Anderson Cooper…PRIORITIES!

I have to admit, at first I was excited; $150 dollars on the 1st and the 15th of every month!!! Then I thought about it… that’s 11+ hours a day (sometimes more because the military likes to throw on overtime) 5 days a week. That’s approximately 1.50 or less an hour. THEN if it happens to be a 5 week month, it’s even less. Somehow I have been tricked into providing ALL wipes, ALL cereal (since my own son is eating it, I must have TONS!). Did I mention that before I took on this child we were struggling to make ends meet?

Now it’s the same, only I’m TWICE as stressed, TWICE as exhausted, and doing TWICE as much laundry!

BUT I come from a tiny town, I’m a trusting girl. I even donated some stylish heels her way when I discovered we wore the same size shoe! I figured… we ALL must be broke, probably all the poor girl can pay! (Ignoring the fact that her AND her husband are both E4)….

However… this ignorance is bliss attitude took a jack and Jill, down the hill, WANT TO BEAT YOU WITH MY ROLLING PIN kind of spiral after the first payday. As any ‘tight on funds’ person with common sense would be, I was paid the cash and put it immediately in the left pocket of my open purse which sits directly on the desk in the living room. I know exactly how much was there because I counted it, two or three times. In fact, I budgeted it out on paper. After two days of not moving my purse, I went to pull out a $20 to give to my husband for gas. When I pulled it out, I was 40 dollars short. Now I’m not jumping to any conclusions BUT our neighbor came in our house, because she was the only one in our house other than myself and my husband and she took the money right back!


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