Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cake Boss

The perfect housewife manages her house in a way that is organized, while managing to keep things homely and decorated. I skipped the organized part. Who cares that I have a toddler who simply loves to pull things off shelves and out of drawers. I lined things up in a decorative manner on the bottom of every shelf and filled each cabinet with important papers. I am certainly paying for it now. Every single day I pick up the same things. I feel like every parent deals with the “never-ending mess” but I got an extra butt-kick for stupidity. In fact, to top that off, my toddler has recently discovered the fridge.

Funny story.

Like any EXTREMELY ON TOP OF THINGS mother, we had the lights dimmed in the living room, the baby was asleep and my daughter and I were winding down watching Elmo. So… mommy zonked out. I am sure the moment my daughter realized this she jumped up from her carpet mat did a victory dance and ran to the kitchen because 7 minutes later I was awoken to the cracking of eggs into a steamer pan on our living room carpet. Yes, that’s right, steamer pan…. there were holes in the bottom. Immediate reaction, I wanted to jump through the roof. So I calmly got up and walked over to this disaster. My daughter is not yet two and extremely smart. As I approached this mess I realized every single egg had been cracked out of its shell, shell thrown in the trash and she was mixing it together with a wooden spoon.

 SEREDIPITY- I am now putting every spare dime into a ‘culinary fund’ because obviously my daughter is going to be the next ‘CAKE BOSS’.

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